Game of Thrones returns with Season 6 on April 24th 2016 on HBO and the battle for the Iron Throne will be more intense and brutal than ever before. While Game of Thrones fans are eagerly waiting for the first episode to air, there are many dark entities lurking in the shadows, looking to pounce on anyone who downloads Game of Thrones torrents. These entities comprise of copyright enforcers, ISPs, and content license agencies that look to dish out DMCA notices, impose heavy fines, and even pursue legal action against copyright infringers. If that’s not all, many torrents for Game of Thrones contain malware and other malicious software. This is where a VPN comes to your aid. A VPN allows you to remain anonymous over the internet, safely download torrents, and safeguard against various cyber threats.

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How are Game of Thrones Torrent Users Caught?

The way different P2P file sharing services, such as uTorrent or BitTorrent, work is what exposes anyone uploading or downloading files via torrent. These services break the entire file into smaller chunks, allowing users to download and upload simultaneously from other users (peers).

While doing so, everyone can see the IP addresses of other peers and see who is sharing the same file from whom. So if you are downloading any episode of Game of Thrones via BitTorrent, your IP address will be visible to everyone, including your ISP, copyright sharks, and content license agencies. This is how you get caught and penalized while using Game of Thrones torrents.  

Download Game of Thrones Torrents Safely with a VPN

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is the best tool to safeguard your privacy and protect against different copyright enforcers. There are two ways through which a VPN can protect torrent users: first, by making them anonymous over the internet and second by encrypting their internet traffic.

Become Anonymous While Using Torrents

Among the many features of a VPN, there is this unique ability where a VPN to masks your original IP address and replaces it with the IP address of its own server. This way, anyone downloading or uploading a Game of Thrones torrent will become anonymous over the web; making it difficult for copyright holders and ISPs to track their original locations.

Various VPN services also offer dedicated servers that are optimized for P2P file sharing and torrents. These servers are located in torrent friendly locations and allow Game of Thrones viewers to watch all the episodes through torrents without the fear of getting caught.

Encrypting Your Web Traffic

Secondly, a VPN protects you by encrypting your internet traffic. This is achieved by tunneling the web traffic through secure protocols and gateways while encrypting the contents into alphanumeric characters.

This way your ISP will have no idea about your browsing activities and what you download over the internet. Different VPN services offer different protocols and levels of encryption. As a P2P and torrent users, you should look for OpenVPN protocol and AES 256 bit encryption level for maximum security.

HBO Targeting Game of Thrones Torrent Downloader’s

HBO has been raging war against torrent downloader’s for some time and has stepped up its pursuit since the launch of Game of Thrones. The targeting of copyright infringers was markedly seen when the first four episodes of Game of Thrones Season 5 were leaked last year. These episodes spread across different torrent sites like wildfire and were downloaded by millions of viewers overnight.

In the wake of such an event, HBO targeted various Game of Thrones torrent users and sent out a flurry of takedown notices to various ISPs. There were no legal strings attached to these notices but DMCA’s meant that torrent downloader’ had to become cautious. These were the early warnings shot by HBO in order to combat piracy.  

Here is one example of the DMCA notice sent out by HBO, instructing the ISP to contact the infringer and take appropriate action against the user. 

As seen in the picture above, it’s the IP address that has been used to track down Game of Thrones torrent user. Hence, the use of a VPN becomes highly warranted as it protects you from such notices by making you anonymous over the internet and hiding your internet activities.

Why Choose a Torrent for Game of Thrones?

Since legal notices and DMCA’s are handed so frequently and regularly in various regions, why do millions of viewers download Game of Thrones torrents in the first place?

Well, to simply put it, the premium subscriptions of TV packages are extremely expensive in various countries. Similarly, the official streams for watching Game of Thrones online are also restricted to certain locations. Here is a breakdown of costs associated with TV deals in different nations.


In Australia, Game of Thrones fans have very few options for watching the new season online without the use of torrents. Different cable providers offer various packages that allow Australian GoT viewers to stream the new season online but they come at cost, very high cost!

For instance, Australian cable provider Foxtel offers a ‘Premium Movie and Drama Package’ which costs around $46 per month. If you add this up to three months (the total duration of Game of Thrones), it works out to be around $115 (minus the two free weeks).

Similarly, Foxtel Play is available for $30 per month for existing users. Foxtel has lowered its prices on Foxtel Play to $5 per month for 3 months, but this is only for new subscribers, much to the dismay of GoT fans that are already using services from Foxtel.

Apart from such cable providers, other services such as Quickflix and iTunes offer the entire season of Game of Thrones once it has been aired. On a positive note, you can binge watch all the episodes at once, but the downside is that your season will be ruined by numerous spoilers.       

United Kingdom

GoT fans in UK can catch the new season on Sky Atlantic. However, the basic package of Sky costs you £20 per month and the contract is for one year minimum. If you are subscribing just to watch Game of Thrones Season 6 then it means you’ll be paying a total of £240 a year for 10 episodes.

This will run your wallet dry as other packages on Sky are more expensive, considering the different add-ons they offer. The only option this is left for Game of Thrones fans is to watch all the episodes by using a torrent.


The local TV subscriptions in Canada are highly expensive as well. The basic package from Bell Media costs around $50CAD per month. When you add the installation costs and HD PVR rental, the prices rises to around $500CAD a year. These packages are also bound for several months, meaning you will have to pay for the service until the contract expires.

This leaves all Canadian GoT fans with very little option other than to download the latest episodes using torrents. And, if you are considering going down this road, be sure to connect to a VPN before you using a torrent.

GoT Fans Eagerly Waiting for Torrent

While the world awaits the return of Game of Thrones season 6, here are some users that cannot wait to get the torrent of the upcoming season:



Here is one fan desperately waiting for the new season and looking for leaked episodes like last year. 



While everyone is looking for Game of Thrones torrents, here is someone who found that not all torrents are safe to download.  



Other Methods for Watching Game of Thrones Online

While using torrents to watch Game of Thrones online remains a highly popular method, there is  another method that you can use. By subscribing to HBO NOW, a standalone streaming service by HBO,  you can watch all the episodes online. However, there is a catch; HBO NOW is only available for viewers located in United States. If you do try to access HBO NOW outside U.S, you’ll probably see the following message:

To overcome the problem of geo-restrictions, you can use a VPN service and access HBO NOW from anywhere outside USA. A VPN allows you to change your virtual location through its various servers. If you are looking to subscribe to HBO NOW, just select a VPN, connect to a server based in U.S and enjoy Game of Thrones.

A Look Back at Game of Thrones Season 5

Now that you know how to use Game of Thrones torrents safely with a VPN and other ways of streaming the latest episodes, here is quick recap of what transpired in the previous season [Spoiler Alert].

Game of Thrones season 5 was a rollercoaster ride for all the fans as death, betrayal, and dragons got a lot more intensified than ever before. You can check out this history and lore video where the entire Season 5 is explained: 

In the last season, we saw Jon Snow standoff against the White Walkers and an army of dead. He defeated the White Walker in an one-on-one fight as his Valyrian steel sword broke the Walker into shards of ice. However, no one would had saw this coming (expect for the GoT book readers) that Jon Snow would be stabbed to death by his own fellow Crows at Castle Black.  

On the other hand, Daenerys was having her own difficulties in managing Mareen and combating against the Sons of Harpy. With Tyrion Lannister making his way to Mareen, everything was set for an epic war of words between the two. However, we saw her escape on the back of Drogon when Sons of Harpy attacked during the great games and she landed in a place where she was captured by the Dothraki’s.  

Season 5 of Game of Thrones saw the introduction of The Sparrows in Kings Landing. Led by the High Sparrow, these religious followers imprisoned Cersei Lannister, Margery Tryell, and Loras Tyrell for their various sins. In the last episode of season 5, we saw Queen Cersei’s ‘Walk of Shame’ where she marched across the capital naked as a punishment for all the sins she had committed. 

Other major developments that took place in Game of Thrones Season 5 were Sansa Stark escaping with Reek (Theon Greyjoy) from the House of Bolton. Similarly, Stannis Baratheon led an attack at Dreadfort, only to be defeated and his army fleeing in the time of need. Meanwhile, Melisandre convinced Stannis to sacrifice his daughter and pave his way to victory (we all know how that turned out).    

Final Words

So Game of Thrones fans from Australia, Europe, America, and Asia, if you are deprived from streaming the latest episodes of GoT, then you can enjoy the show by downloading Game of Thrones torrents. However, be vary of the notorious copyright holders and your ISPs snooping down on your internet activity. A VPN is the ultimate solution for keeping your online activity private and safely using P2P file sharing services.